Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrifty Thoughts - old socks, onsies, T shirts

Holey Socks.  We all have them, and some of us have a hard time parting with them, but when the time comes, instead of tossing them in the trash.....

Put it on your hand and use it as a dusting or cleaning rag!  Works great!!!  If you're going to toss them anyway, use them to clean with before you toss them!    Or here is my mother's stellar new "holey sock usage"....
Arm warmers!!  Slide on and stick your thumb out the hole.  You have no idea how proud she is of her "invention".  She claims she wears them to keep her warm in certain situations, however we all know she really wears them for the "She-Man" factor!!! 

And here lies a pile of stained onsies that are ready for the trash.  But wait, before we trash these, cut off all the snaps (you never know when you might need some snaps someday!) then cut each one in two and throw them in with your cleaning supplies.  Don't waste your money on expensive swiffer dusting mits and the like.  They didn't have those back in the day anyway!

Tobin demonstrates his cleaning abilities on the babyfood-splashed kitchen cupboard using an old onsie that he probably once wore.

Old T-shirts that can not be consigned also get cut into sections and go in the rag bag or kept whole for use when painting, dying grandma's hair, etc...

Repeat my motto: WASTE NOT, WANT NOT!  repeat again.

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  1. I also use old tshirts cut into squares for hankies. I have allergies and my eye is always watering. The soft tshirt is softer on my eye and doesn't leave kleenex lint! I use your sock idea for dusting as well!


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