Saturday, February 19, 2011

Antique Frame before & after - grrrrr to superrrrb

Once Upon A Time, a tiger lay encased in a magnificent gold and black antique picture frame.  He looked majestic surrounded by zebra rugs, wanna be African relics, and palm tree table runners.  But the habitat had changed and the conditions were no longer favorable for the beast.  The frame made it's way to Maran's home in Chicago, and there it sat in her basement.  Alone and forgotten.  Until........  Maran got a brainstorm.  With a little red spray paint and some chicken wire from her Dad's farm in Iowa..........(insert drum roll here)......
Happy Birthday to me from Maran!!  Is this taking "re-gifting" to a whole new level?  I LOVE IT!  Only friends of mine could give me a birthday present made out of something I had previously given to them and know I would be thrilled rather than offended!

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  1. I love this frame! Super cute idea. I'm ready for garage sale season so I can find me a nice frame to redo for a hair bow holder!


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