Friday, February 18, 2011

My birthday surprise!!

So I haven't posted because my hubby, who I'm pretty sure is vying for a spot in the "best husband of the year contest" surprised me for my 30th birthday by whisking me away to the Dominican Republic for a few days!!  (Really, he has just been dying to go to the Caribbean and I've putting a kabosh on it because I remind him our money is going towards an addition right now!!!  So this was the only way he could get me on the plane. And that's the truth. haha.).  But it was much appreciated it, and I am home, feeling completely rejuvenated, tan, and ready to take on new projects. :)
I have NO CLUE how I gained 5 pounds on this vacation because we ate twice a day since food was so outrageously priced.  HUGE free breakfast, and then we ate an evening meal out.  We bought a coke one afternoon from the little store, thinking it would be cheaper.  FIVE DOLLARS.  FOR A 20 oz COKE!!!!!!!  So I had to balance all my thrifty thought rule-breakageness and purchased used sunglasses in the market. haha.
Before the "renovation"
So I'm pretty sure the owners of this joint must be readers of Kammy's Korner.  They recently renovated the rooms, which come to find out, consisted of painting all the furniture black and reupholstered with lime green fabric.  I LIKE!!!  So much more economical than buying all new, eh?


  1. looks about the same shade as the dress you wore to Portage conf. the last time I saw you there. Good job on the used sun glasses, but couldn't you just have taken a pair with you?
    Well I'm glad you had a good birthday, surprise and all. I see you are getting a lot like me. Cheap,in your 30's and you say eh!

  2. Anonymous, please reveal to me your name!!!! haha. I did bring sunglasses, however the day we took an hour long bus ride to a town that was blazingly bright.... I forgot 'em. :)

  3. hahah...i seem to recall him saying something about NO BOOTS....busted in the picture, girl.


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