Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Canvas hand-me-downs

My dear friend has supplied me with yet another canvas.  It had nice scenery painted on it, generic and like a million others, but nice.  My apologies original artist....  but canvases are expensive and well, I guess I don't know you and this work of art really means nothing to me...  so it will remain hidden behind shades of green the rest of it's years on earth.  Now unlike most, I don't start out with a vision of the finished product.  I squared it off with tape and used some greenish paint I had mixed with some white to add texture.  And then it sat on my counter while I decided what to paint next.  I even emailed the above pic to my sister asking her what she thought would be appropriate.  Her only response was, "I don't know, you gave me too many options."

So last night...... I decided to go with option number one.  What do you think, Karls? Hope you like it, cuz I ain't about to do it over.  :)

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