Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making little polka dots, milk glass vase before and after

I love polka dots.  I especially love polka dot embellishments like polka dot buttons.  But since I'm all about making do with what I have, I'm not about to go spend money on a pack of four cute buttons.  So instead, here's how to make your own!  Quite easy actually.  First pick out a button that doesn't have holes or a rough surface.  Then hold it in place with a pliers or other such tool.  Dip the tip of your finger in paint and lightly touch the button for your polka dots!  Then prop of carefully to dry.
I also used this finger tip polka dot method to transform this vase from this to.......

This!  Painted the vase brown, then used a teal colored paint on my finger to lightly touch each raised bump.  As long as you don't mind your fingernails being slightly strange colors now and then, it's a great little trick.  Maybe I'm just messy, hence my always strangely colored fingernails.

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