Saturday, February 26, 2011

Curly Top

I don't  usually post about my kids..... but today I'm making an exception!  I was really hoping for a curly topped kid, but alas, they all have hair like mommy and daddy - stick straight!  BUT that doesn't mean we can't break out the ole' foam rollers....  I stick a dab of mousse in her long shock on top, roll it up in 2 curlers, and poof - outta control froofy curls!!  I'm still not used to fixing a girl's hair!  But it looked SUPER CUTE in this little pony tail and I couldn't resist having a quick photo shoot last night with her before putting on her jammies.  She's 10 months old and I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming - I really have a sweet little baby girl!!!!!!  Thanks waitress in Indianapolis for letting me in on your little secret or I would never know this blue eyed lil' darlin'!  :)  Hee hee.....

Did your sweet mama ever make you wear these curlers?  Ha, I actually still do... but the really fat ones.  Nothing gives you curls like old fashion sponge curlers.  Nothing gives you that really ridiculous ugly ridge from where the straight peice of plastic clips on, either!  Man, I never know what to do about that.... then end up plopping all the curls on top of my head cuz shucks, that ridge....

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  1. I have THREE girls so that = a LOT of curlers, so I do not use them. I ripped up an old T-shirt into little rag strips and use those for curlers. No ridge, no complaints about sleeping on hard plastic, and CHEAP. But the curls ARE a little different, see my face book page to see how they turn out, I think they are in a book titled, something about all fancied up or something similar.


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