Friday, February 25, 2011

The Old Lady Clip-on Earrings

I will never forget the garage sale I bought these homemade clip on earrings at.  It was huge.  And messy.  And cheap.  There was so much stuff to go through we spent an hour or two there, then went back again the next weekend and spent another hour rummaging through the "junk".  I even got some of my favorite pieces of furniture there - $2 each!!  Anyways, all that to say...  about 5 years later and I've finally found a use for those earrings!!!  They are the perfect center to these baby hats I found to embellish!!

I am highly excited about these hats!!!  I think I'll sell them for $5 each.  ANDDDDD  If you're in the area, I'll be selling my stuff (plus lots of excellent used condition baby items at garage sale prices) at the middle school in Brooklyn TOMORROW!!!  The ad reads: GIANT CABIN FEVER garage sale/flea market/craft show.  Now how fun does that sound???  So hop in your four wheel drive since snow is predicted and come on out! And let me know if you came because of this post - I'll give you a discount! :)

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