Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Diamond Butterfly Earings

I was so pumped last night when I found these diamond butterfly earrings in my stash of beads and goodies.  I vaguely remember buying them at Clair's awhile back, when they have that 10 items for $5 sale goin' on.  Now I don't have my ears pierced, but there are endless possibilities for earrings other than in your ears!  Like beautiful embellishments on headbands, for instance!  (However, the price for these butterfly-embellished headbands will be slightly higher than for my regular headbands.)
I actually bought a bush of flowers.  Usually I get them from my mom's mountain of storage bins chuck full of flowers, but these bright pink florals were just so purdy....  and they made purrrrrdy headbands too. :)

The left earring. :)

Oooooo, some sparkle for your little girly girl!  Who doesn't love the lime green/pink combo?  Headbands are $4.  Check out the selection by clicking on the HEADBANDS FOR SALE tag on the right!!


  1. ahhhh! these are so cute! I wish I was really little and could fit into them!

  2. You can!!! They stretch to fit adults head. Tori and I share them. Didn't you see the pic of me in one? They're super cute on "big girls" too!


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