Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Carpeted Night Stand?! Before and After

Someone already decided to give this a makeover - WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!  Black carpet on the top?  Maybe it was for a cat play house...  At any rate, it had potential so I snatched it up for a couple bucks.  But whoa.  First, I had to scrape all that black and blue textured spray on paint stuff.  It was awful.  Then after I removed the black carpet top, I had to go on a hunt for something to replace it.  I found this:
yeah that's right, one of those things I bought, got it home and then thought... was something wrong with my head?  The legs are falling apart, it's not worth a dime.  Well hey.   I pulled it out of the pile of junk in the barn (where I throw other things that I probably shouldn't have bought) a couple days ago's where my hubby comes in.  Honey....  will you please take off THIS and put it on THIS?

And what do you know?  It made the perfect top for this nightstand!!  Just put some screws in and it's sturdy as the Eiffel Tower.  The whole shabang got several coats of white paint, a new door knob, and silver paint on the hinges.
The inside was downright frightful.  It was rusty metal...  So I gave it a good scrub.  And then another.  And another.  Then made a mixture of Elmer's glue and water and used a paint brush to coat the inside and cut some scrapbooking paper to fit and.....
A welcoming little cubby!!!  Hope Joanna likes the other half of her birthday present special ordered from her sweet Mom!  It's supposed to match the desk I posted for her yesterday.  Click here to view the before and after polka dot desk.
Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. Man that WAS ugly, I cannot even believe could could see potential, but alas I LOVE the out come, you are awesome, I hope your little friend loves the stuff, don't forget to let us know what she thinks:)

  2. What in the FREAKIN world were they thinking!
    You really had an undertaking which you mastered QUITE WELL!!

  3. Yuk! that was some mess! Good job on the re-make! Looking good! :)

  4. hiya i am visiting from at home with k i am following too x omg your project really is a swan from an ugly (very ugly) duckling x tfs hope to see you at mine soon

  5. I love the polka dots you added to the shelf area! So cute! The carpet thing was kind of odd, huh?

  6. haha, you're comments made me laugh! The carpet being "odd" was a very nice way of putting it! :) Thanks so much for all the compliments - ya'll are a sweet bunch!! :)

  7. Love all your projects, Kammy. I found your blog from a craigslist post. You've got amazing talent.I have a small table like this with the metal inside and i was told at the antique store that it was a smoking table, like where they kept cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Just wanted to pass on that tidbit. :o)

  8. ok, now I've seen it all! A carpeted table. Really. You took that trash and made it a treasure for sure!

  9. Wow great makeover! I'm going to have to start enlisting my husband to help me on my projects too.

    By the way, I wonder if this was originally a smoking stand/tobacco cabinet? My first redo on furniture was a tobacco cabinet and the inside was lined with tin or sheet metal.

    Anyway love how it turned out! It's perfect for a little girl now. I'm following you now! Stop by my blog if you get a chance!


  10. I think I would have passed that one up! I'd take it now, though. ha ha ~ Maureen


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