Sunday, March 6, 2011

Desk Makeover - before and after

My great friend's daughter was having a birthday.  She wanted a white desk and nightstand with purple polka dots (as she had seen on previous posts on this here blog!).  I sent her a bunch of shots of the scruffy lookin' stuff I had, and she picked out this desk.  I finally finished it!  Here's how it turned out!  I desperately hope she likes it!!!  This is one of my first "custom" furniture orders, if I recall correctly!!

I majorly sanded the top with my electric sander.  Man I love that thing (awesome garage sale find)!  Then it got several coats of white paint, and I put Wil-Bond on all the shelves on the left to insure against scratching before painting those.  We'll see how that works.  My friend Paul swears by it, so if it gets a scratch, blame him! :)  And lastly, the drawer pulls all got a shot of silver spray paint.

Another angular. :)  Happy Birthday, Joanna!


  1. Kammy, You have no idea how bad I need your help. I have asked Maran to come and help me this summer. I need some things for the girl's room and this is the kind of thing I need. my problem is I don't see what it could be I only see the piece of furniture for what it is. Lois Pike

  2. Joanna and me just loved it......great job!Thanks for doing it for me.Mercy


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