Friday, March 11, 2011

A Cute Surprise

Ain't she darling?  Thanks for your business, Amber!!
So last week, or was that two weeks ago?  I can't keep track of days anymore.  Does having 3 little ones, and being a hermit, do that to you too?  Well whenever it was that I did the craft show in Brooklyn, I just gotta share a few photos from that day.  Cuz shucks, I got an awesome surprise.  I was rearranging some stuff on my table or something and I look up and there is the girl that lives down the road from me (we have a few odd connections - like I found out through my blog that my dining set was hers that I picked up free on the side of the road, stuff like that!) was pushing her adorable little baby girl in her stroller.... and she was wearing a Kammy's Korner Headband!!!  She had bought it at the Western Craft Show back in December.  I was beyond thrilled.  I snapped a picture of her and asked Mommy if it was okay if I posted it.  I also took one of her in the new one she bought that day.  I love repeat customers.  Maybe even more than first time ones!!  Although I love you too, of course!  Because if I didn't have first timers, there would be no such thing as repeaters!  Well,  She said it was okay to post (YAY!!!) so I thought I'd share these little cuties on this lovely sunny Friday afternoon.  Isn't the sunshine GREAT?!!!!!! HELLO WEEKEND!!!!
This was another little Beauty that bought a headband.  She just about made me melt into a puddle with those gorgeous brown eyes.  I LOVED this big yellow posy on her, but Grandma was with her and seemed to think it was a bit much.....
Trying on another.......  still not what Grandma wanted.....
I think she settled on this headband!  Though I'm not sure how many seconds litte Miss actually kept it on!! :)
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  1. She's Famous! :) We love the new headband too! Thank you!


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