Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bookcase - A Surprising Before and After

And here it is.  Typical bookshelf.  Blah.  Necessary.  Everyone has one.  Dad was visiting from Iowa.  I wanted a shelf mounted along the top of the wall in my new baby's room.  But he couldn't find the boards he wanted in my hodge podge pile out in the corn crib.  So...  he dismantled this bookshelf that I had paid a whopping $2 for at a garage sale and WA LA - A cute near-the-ceiling shelf to add some pizazz to the nursery. The brackets I had purchased at IKEA at least a year before.  They were so cheap and I just knew I'd use them some day, so I bought 'em and stashed 'em. So have a look-see!  Too bad I just have her brother's pictures up!  You can tell she's the third child - never been to a professional photographer and she's almost 11 months old!  GASP. Terrible Mommy, I tell ya.
And wouldn't ya know it, when I went to take this picture today, I realized - I never finished painting the top of it white! OOOOPS!  When you're short, you don't see things like that.  Outta sight, outta mind....


  1. maybe you should let Tim do your dusting!

  2. Haha, you must have been to my house at some point. SOMEONE needs to do the dusting! :)

  3. I hate dusting!!!!!!!


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