Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tacky... But Temporary!

This is the "door" I have to look at for every meal.  I gave my 4 year old and his friend some crayola paint and told them to make some beautiful art on it for me.  They started with the orange (as you can see), but soon discovered it was fun to paint their hands and clap.  Then put it on their feet and walked around the floor, making orange footprints.  So.... that's as far as the door artwork got.  Until my mom came to visit for a few days and begged me to paint it white.  I refused.  It's only temporary, I said!  I'm not wasting my white paint.  Haha.  So she stuck that big framed picture over it to help ease the big eyesore.  And the reason I have a "door" like this in my kitchen?
BEFORE!!  Because we're getting an addition built at the moment and that little "lean to" laundry room got torn off.  And Since we don't live in Belize, leaving it open to the elements wasn't an option.
The progress as of yesterday!!!!  Maybe soon that eye sore in my kitchen will be a thing of the past!!!

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