Saturday, March 12, 2011

cabinet - black, white, and a stencil

Introducing Mr. Before Picture.  He offers a firm handshake.
This was a beast to paint.  The fake wood, the bubbly top, it just wasn't very friendly to me.  After giving it a few coats and it still not looking good, and having the paint scratch just by thinking about touching it, I discovered the amazing ability of Wil-Bond (liguid sandpaper).  I applied that, and gave the whole thing another coat of paint.  MUCH BETTER!  It didn't take away all of the little blemishes, but so goes the life of refurbished furniture! 
I took off the hardware and spray painted them silver.  Then after going through my favorite blog on earth, BetterAfter, I got the idea to use my stencil for a little fun decor!  I condsidered finding my measuring tape to get the design just perfect, but then oh sheeesh I'll just eyeball it.   So I learned that with this stencil, eye balling works.  I learned on a previous piece of furniture that eye balling does NOT work with a plain checker pattern.  Nu - uh.


  1. hi again , you certainly have been busy x another great transformation

  2. Hi Kammy! Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten! What a cool makeover! I haven't tried that Wil-Bond before, but I've tried oil based primer and that works great on laminate "wood" as well. That stencil is cute as well!

  3. Aww, shucks! Your favorite blog on EARTH?! I feel pretty darn special. I hope I can live up to it! LOVE your redos, that stencil is great. And I have learned the trick about eyeballing stencils too... learned it the hard way, of course.

  4. I featured your cabinet on my blog today! Come crab a button!

  5. Lindsey, ain't it even kidding. Cuz frankly, I don't follow directions. like ever. So I go to your blog to get inspired, see what I gotta see, and read your short and HILARIOUS comments and I'm good to go!!! I'm always calling my mom, did you see BetterAfter today??

    Thanks againk Kindra-At Home With K! You've sent me lots of traffic. :) Love your site!

  6. wow! i want to go find some furniture to redo! great job. thanks for the inspiration.


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