Sunday, March 13, 2011

Danette's Painted Counter Top

I don't think I exactly started a new phenomenon, but since I posted about my kitchen counter top painting project, I've gotten several calls about it and even a visit (from Danette!) to check mine out.  I am in no way an expert!  But it's been a few months and it's still holding up great and I still love it very much!  Hugs to my counter.  Okay, I don't love it that much.  So anyways, when Danette decided to tackle hers, I told her to make sure and get me some before and after pics of it and she graciously did.
Danette's outdated counter tops BEFORE.
Beautimous I must say!  Maybe the best counter top paint job I've seen!  But then, I haven't seen many....  It's not exactly a popular thing to do - yet.
An up close and personal look at all the texture and color.  I'm pretty sure she said she did this all from three colors.  You out there Danette?  Care to expound? :) 


  1. Wow that looks fantastic! You'd never know it's paint!!!

  2. Thanks, Kammy! The base coat is black, then the "texture" is a mix of three colors. Visit for more before/after pictures and even video tutorials. Love their product!


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