Sunday, March 13, 2011

Want Two Free Kam's Kards??

Just grab a Kammy's Korner button on the right side of my page and post it on your blog!  Send me the link so I can verify and I'll contact you.  Who doesn't love to be on the receiving end of a hand crafted card?  Well if you're me, I like any card - even if it's on a yellow sticky note.  Does that count as a card?  My hubby is awesome with cards.  Never forgets a special occasion.  Me on the other hand... better not go there.  Wait a sec.  I think we got this thing mixed up.  The husband is supposed to forget, while the wife remembers the day of the first kiss, the first argument, the day we picked out the baby's name, the anniversary of getting our first mini van....  Speaking of momentous occasions, does anyone else out there agree that getting a bouquet of flowers from your spouse is soooo sweet and thoughtful but such a waste of money?!!!  They're gonna DIE in a few days!!  I mean he could have gotten me a new pair of shoes with that money!  Or a few pairs, if you shop like me. :)  So all that to say, grab a button and get some cards!*

*must keep button on your blog for at least a month to be eligible.

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