Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Distressed Mirror

Goodwill find.  Five dollars.  Google Image, since I forgot a freakin' before.  Great in grandma's house, but I'm not a grandma.
Sooooooooo I painted it red, let it dry, and then did a coat of black over top which I wiped off here and there with a rag while it was still wet.  Easy peasy and I loved the updated distressed look!!  The nice thing about mirrors is, if you get paint on the glass, it's easy to just scratch right off with a fingernail!  Mmmmmm hmmm...  I like that.  :)  Can you tell by my short, choppy sentences that I'm in a hurry?  It's nice out and I'm in a hurry to get out to the barn while my kids are napping.  I'm out, yo!

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