Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chair Redo

Last time I went to the Goodwill As Is store, which was last fall, which was way too long of a time period to be away from that place, which is where I purchased all three of the above for a total of $5, I saw that chair and knew it'd be cute any way other than the way it was in it's present condition.  I'll take a breath now.
With some white paint, and a fresh swatch of fabric, doesn't it just look like something you'd want to sit down on and holler, "WELCOME, SPRING!"?  Actually, I hollered it today while gallivanting around outside with my boys, but I could do it sittin' in that there chair too.  Happy Almost Spring, Ya'll!!


  1. Kammy, should I tag this as ridiculous? ;)

  2. Andrew, I will tranquilize you and tattoo "ridiculous" across your forehead!!! :)


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