Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thrifty Thoughts #26-28

26. Clothing:  Buy clothes on clearance.  To me this is a no-brainer, I'm pretty sure I've never paid full retail price on a clothing item or accessory in my entire life.  Unless I bought it at the dollar store.  (what?  clothes at the dollar store? Tori's first swimsuit actually came from Dollar Tree, and boy was it cute!  And didn't fall apart, either.  In case you were wondering...).  But it's March, and new spring/summer merchandise is pouring into stores, NOW is when you buy jeans, sweaters, coats, etc. for less than Goodwill prices (think Kohls)!!  School shopping in August?  No, no, no.  Buy the kid's clothes now (just a size bigger of course) and pay up to 90% off!!!
This pic is a few years old, but if I remember correctly, the shorts were $4, $2 for the top, and the hubby's were about the same!  I try not to spend more than $5 on an article of clothing. Unless it's a dress that I LOVE.  Then I might pay $10 tops!  I tend to be a little trendy too - you don't have to look like you just stepped out of St. Vincent De Paul, but you can pay those prices (and even shop there!) and still look marvelous!  Click HERE for my "fashion on the cheap" post.

27. Produce: Look for the "priced for quick sale" produce at your grocery store.  Probably 75% of the time, the shelves are filled with unrecognizable fruits and veggies, but maybe that's cuz I'm a hick and don't eat things like avocados, Artichokes, and Kumquats, but on some rare occasions I hit the jackpot and find a shelf or two full of bell peppers.  Now folks, I've never bought a bell pepper from their regular home on the produce shelf.  Just one of those things I love but won't pay for.  So when I find 15 peppers all for pocket change and in need of eating within the next three days, I STOCK UP.  How do you "stock up" on a perishable you ask?  Am I really going to eat all those in the next couple of days?  'Course not.  I slice them allllll up, toss them into containers and freeze them.  Then when I'm making a dish that calls for red bell peppers, hello convenience!  Double smiles around the house.

28. Handsoap.  Buy a huge liquid handsoap refiller (when it's on sale of course) and use your old pump bottles.  Like the foaming soap from Bath and Body Works?  Did you know you can use the pump over again by using both liquid refill soap and water?  You gotta make sure you get the right amount, or else it won't pump out right.  Fill it about 1/4 full of soap, and then add water slowly, leaving space at the top for the pump.  So much less wasted soap and much cheaper!  Especially if you have 2 little boys who think their hands are dirty enough to necessitate 5 pumps of soap!  (Thanks Sarah, for enlightening me with this handy tip last summer!)
obviously, I've used this bottle more than a few times! 

And those are all the money saving tips I feel like sharing with you today!  Actually, I had a few more, but the boys are yelling in the bathtub, and water is starting to drip out of the light fixture in the ceiling.  Just kidding.  But that has happened.....  Ta ta!

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