Tuesday, March 22, 2011

end table with ugly peel off wood look alike something or other

I looked at these two end tables (yes, there's another one of these beauties!) and scratched my head.  Paint.  Can I, or can't I?  "How much for them?", I asked hesitantly.  You can have them for a dollar each.  Okay fine, here's two dollars and I'll cram them in to my already-so- full-minivan that I have to drive with all the doors open since I can't get them shut anymore..

When I unloaded them, I noticed a corner of the "wood" coming off.  Peeling off?  Say what?  It was like this vinyl wall paperish stuff!  It came off pretty easy so I peeled it all off, knowing it would be much easier to paint on the particle board underneath! Plus I could salvage that wood-wanna-look-alike stuff for.... wrapping paper or something.  WASTE NOT, WANT NOT.  :)

I painted it a dark brown, which went on really nicely.  Spray painted the handles silver, and then put my creative thinking cap on.  I'd been wanting to try some mod podge.  But I didn't end up liking the results....  so I peeled that off (ahhhh, it totally killed me to waste those two awesome pieces of scrapbook paper!!), and went a different route......

I stenciled this cute flower randomly on the top.  It's hard to tell the colors from this pic, but it's a light bluish green and then I overlapped each flower and painted an oil base silver flower.  I finished a desk to match it last night!  So keep your eyes out for that before and after sometime this week!


  1. I love the flowers! Great job :)

  2. Really nice job! You have a great transformation with both of those end tables. The stenciling job is great. I need to talk myself into doing that sometime soon. Good inspiration!


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