Monday, March 28, 2011

The Mud, The Muck, The Memories

I need a break from paint.  I've been living on paint fumes.  "Livin' on fumes, buyin' on time... without some paintin' nothin' ain't worth a dime.  Just like an old, ugly table turned fine, livin' on paint..."  Okay, so I'm not Alan Jackson. Good thing.  My husband wouldn't have married me if that was the case!  Back to the subject at hand.  So today, I'm taking a short break and am here to tell you about all the mud at our house.  Of course there's mud, afterall, it's SPRING you say.  But folks, this year at my house, THERE IS MUD.  We dug a basement under the addition we're having put on (if it everrrr... getsssss... doooone....)   and there is a humongo pile of dirt at the side of the house. The boys think it's the perfect slide.  In their jeans, on their butts.  Well, I could deal with that okay. Getting dirty is healthy.  As my friend Netters says, "God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt!" But then one day, the cement truck came and as soon as it hit the grass it just sunk.  Buried.  So bad that a bulldozer came and drug it to it's destination across the yard leaving - I kid you not - about 15 inch deep and at least a foot wide ruts.  Then... it rains.  A few days later and the bulldozer is still sitting in the front yard.  My two year old decides to go check it out up close.  I tell him I'll be out with him as soon as I finish putting the supper dishes away.  Moments later, big brother is running to the house yelling "Mommy, Ty's stuck and he needs you!!!"  I run out and sure enough, it's like quick sand.  The mud has almost swallowed up little Ty's shoe and he's standing there with his little sock covered foot sticking out, about to lose his balance and be swallowed up forever. I grab him under the armpits and take a step.....  and mommy's shoe also stays in the mud.  Now we are both in our socks, sinking fast, and yelling "DADDY!!"  It's still March. This is just the beginning.   But if I see any more mud enter my house in the next 3 days, I'm buying a plane ticket to visit my pal Susan in Texas.  I don't care how much it costs. Maybe I should ask, is it muddy in Dallas?
I'm thankful to say that this is an old picture and the addition is much farther along!  But there you see the beginning (or the end?)  of the dirt hill aka "mud slide" on the right.  Not even Tide is taking the dirt stains out of their jeans, any suggestion
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  1. Maybe a huge bucket with water and Biz to just toss them in to soak until you get them in the washer? :) Good luck-been there done that! :)

  2. If you can get a pink bar of soap there called Zote, it took fresh (from the night before) spray paint off our van, (oh yea, the clear coat came off too, from the scrubbing) You CAN buy it some places in the States. It works GREAT on most stains!!

  3. I remember a little blonde girl who sank up to her ankles in hog manure!! Like mother like sons!!

  4. Kammy, a wise person once said, "This too shall pass..." :) They just didn't mention when...MJ

  5. Kammy, I buy my boys mud boots and then thrift store jeans and then if they get too stained I feel no remorse at throwing them out! I have scrubbed my share of mud too! Mud makes wonderful memories! And there have been times in the summer that the boys didn't get in the house until they had a hose down!! Lois

  6. Old time Fels-Naptha heavy duty laundry bar soap is great for mud and clay and grass stains. Little Leaguers and spring remodelers should have a bar or two.


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