Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Saturday

So I don't do this.  Cuz unless you're my mom, you don't care how my Saturday was.  But just to change it up a little, I'm gonna do it today so tell me if it was too boring, and I pinky swear not to do it again. :)  So my Saturday was jam packed.  It might not have been so jam packed had I not accidentally slept in so late.  Holy cow, don't know when the last time that happened.  Tim took the boys out for breakfast and me and the baby were out like lights.  So after I bolted outta bed when I saw the clock, I got to work.  Here are a few things that went down on my wonderFULL Saturday:
I put the finishing touches on a desk (which I'm planning on sharing in tomorrow's post) and then started the daunting task of organizing my "shop".  Wowzas.  This is after a couple of hours of "organizing".  Still has a long way to go!  Maybe I should finish a few projects before I start any more...

I set up a little photo backdrop to photo finished pieces.  Not my favorite choice of a background color but hey, I'm not dragging a nice sheet out into the barn.  Deal with it.  Tomorrow you will get to see a before and after desk using my backdrop. :)

We spent quite a while cleaning up from our addition work and picking up rocks in the dirt that came out of the hole which is now our almost finished new basement.  While we were working, the cat came running up with a present.  It was dead, but still quite warm.  Ty thought it was so preeeeeeetty!!  I agreed.  So the tradition of playing with both dead and living mice has been passed down to my kids apparently.

He was so cute, Ty and I had a little photo shoot with him.  haha.  The cat was a little put out that we took away his snack.

After cleaning, some laundry, baths and showers, a visit to a friend in the hospital and a quick shopping trip to Kohls to use that $10 coupon I got in my email, it was 11:00pm and I still had to make invites to Tori's first birthday party to hand out at church the next morning.  All I knew was I wanted a ladybug party.  So I quick googled in ladybug invite, got a quick idea and made these up.  (What did I ever do before google?!)  So please don't look too close since the circles aren't too round and matched up, but just before midnight they were done!  And then I slept like a cat. After running the dishwasher, checking on the kids, folding some clothes, stocking the diaper bag, etc. of course.  (I blocked out important party info just in case of party crashers.  haha).

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