Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Antique Tobacco Stand Before and After

Twas a lil' shabby.  But SO PERTY!  Reachin' back in my memory a few years but pretty sure the price tag on this baby was $3!  Yeah, you wouldn't have been able to pass it up either, would you have?  No sirreeeee.

The leaf fan pattern was actually carved into the wood so I used a super fine paint brush to trace it with oil based gold.  I did this a few years ago actually when I was really into gold and black.  I was hoping to have the desk I've been working on done and ready to blog about BUT, alas, it ain't done so I pulled this out of my picture files. :)  I'm running out of these old standbys! 
The top was old and well worn (okay duh, the whole thing was), which I thought gave it some good character.  I put several coats of polyurathane on the top to finish her off.  I sold it to a dude my hubby works with.  A real cool one at that.  He sold us his tractor, and cleaned the corroborator in our four wheeler with hubby, and all kinds of swell things like that, which automatically puts him in the "way cool dude" category.  He's not an annoying 'know it all' yet he honestly seems to know it all!  I'm saying all kinds of good things about him hoping he'll read this post, since I bug hubby sometimes if he ever tells his co-workers about my blog and he says he does... haha!  Lynn, you're awesome.


"Domestically Speaking


  1. That looks super duper! I love the detail.

  2. hiya , that is a fab transformation and i dont think black and gold ever goes out of fashion , i love it x

  3. Great job with the gold details!

  4. Very pretty! I love all the detail in the wood.


  5. Any chance the really cool dude is single?


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