Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 10 Reasons For A Break

The drywall in our addition is taking eons to get done.  He is a nice man.  Too nice.  He can't work and talk at the same time.  Then again, not sure most from the male species have mastered that talent.  Sorry guys, I know there might be a couple of you out there.  Somewhere.  Anyhoo, he likes to talk about everything.  But aside from chatting about the amazing jock he was in highschool and the stray cat he so lovingly took in, here are the top 10 reasons he finds to take a break:

10. Gotta have a smoke.
9. Have to talk to at least half of the contacts on cell phone for a couple minutes each day.
8. Gotta have a smoke.
7. Needs to break for an hour (or two) to mushroom hunt.
6. Gotta have a smoke.
5. Tore pants open on a nail and have to purchase a new pair.
4. Gotta have a smoke.
3. Has to give me a rundown of the bars he's been kicked out of because of his mad pool skills.
2. Gotta have a smoke.
1.  Gotta drop everything to buy bird feed for the homing pigeon found in my garage when getting more mud!!!!  (Which then got smacked by a truck 3 days later when he released it back "into the wild").

Hey, they might be a little sloppy, but at least they'll get r' done!
I don't know about you, but I'm ready to be in our addition.  Yeah, you're probably not.  In fact, I'm pretty sure you're quite content with the noise level in your home.  If you moved in here, you might be sackin' out to the barn reeeeal fast to get some quiet and peace (hey, peace and quite sounds right, but pretty dang sure quiet precedes peace, okay?).  BUT that is if you can tolerate coons takin' a whizz on your head.  Somedays, that does seem more tolerable than the noise level 'round here!

By the way, drywall man, where are you?  You can't have a break before you've even started for the day!!! :)  Adios readers, I need to go bake him some cookies.  Although slightly begrudgingly....


  1. Hmmmm.... maybe next time "do you smoke" should be on the list of questions to ask potential contractors.... construction is a pain, no way to get around it.

    Maybe ya spit in his cookies... just a leeeeeetle bit

  2. I hope this doesn't cause you to start smoking!! Hang in there, we had a project like that once as well!

  3. well he was here for 45 minutes this morning before having some excuse to jump in his car and leave...I was hoping he would have at least worked for an hour or so!!! And I didn't hire him, he's who the contractor had. Wish we would have had a choice in the matter!

  4. drywallers are always weird. According to Aaron. So you likely wouldn't have done much better finding someone yourself:P

  5. Oh man, even worse to not have a say in who is in your home :( Sorry. Maybe spit in his cookies a leeeeetle bit more!

  6. those 2 little helpers are awfully cute!!


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