Monday, April 11, 2011

Catfood and Beauty

Been to lately??  You need to!  Last week I got ANOTHER bag of cat food - I seriously have gotten probably 20 pounds of free cat food in the mail by now.  And on the same day I also got this cute little bag full of goodies!  Ohhhhh I love you, icravefreebies.  You da best. 

So TODAY:  Free anti bacterial something or other - FULL SIZE, Baby!  Not a little one time sample packet...  CLICK HERE and hope you're not too late!  I think it was only to the first thousand or million or something.  Haha.  And where on this planet are Quick Cheks??  Because they ALWAYS seem to have free drinks and what not and I've never seen a Quick Chek in my life.  Michigan, I think it's time we get some of those!!

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