Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Country Corner Shelf

I'm pulling yet another picture out of my "back in the day" folder.  And "back in the day" was when I didn't see the need to take before pictures, so I found this on google images and I think it's as close as I could come to the original.

Now granted, I'm  a country hick, livin' the country life, but I'm just not all about the country style.  When it comes to cut-out hearts and all that jazz, anyway.  But hey, thankfully the world is made up of lots of different breeds and some of those breeds happen to like the heart touch.  Like, they totally heart hearts.  Uhh, my bad.  Anyways, I sold this at my first ever flea market (which was a total of about 20 booths at an old tractor show - anyone out there ever heard of Tompkins Center, MI?) and I was quite pleased!  I thought the white with blue contrast made for a nice, fresh look - country lovin' style or not!

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