Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marie's Ottoman Before and After

That upholstery fabric was so soft and cozy.   It brings back childhood memories of being sick on the couch and drinking chicken broth, surrounded by love and puke buckets.   But they were so funky and ugly.

Marie is handy dandy with a sewing machine.  She's handy at everything.  Except maybe, when it comes to naming fruits.  Kumquat anyone?  Sorry, inside joke.  One that I'm actually not even really in on... but I've sure heard her family tease her about it...  I smile and pretend I'm not an outsider.  :)

I first titled this post "Marie's footstool" and then remembered Lindsay from BetterAfter was recently blogging about the disappearance of footstools and how they've been replaced with ottomans aka "immense island of sofa."  It seems to me however, that this is somewhere between... it must have hit the markets when footstools were on their way out and ottomans were on their way in....  At any rate, pretty darn cool, eh?  You'd never know the brown velvety stink bug was hiding under there!

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