Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feathers And Little Hawkeye Fans

Armed with a yellow Painter, I went to work making some new headbands - for our Iowa Hawkeye Fans!!!!  I also had to paint one of the buttons black - I'm lacking in large black buttons.  Paint solves a variety of problems!  So Iowa fans, these are for sale now!!  $4 each - can't beat that, now can ya?!!  Makes a great baby gift or teen girl gift or hey, maybe you've got a hip Granny who would like one!
Has anyone figured out to refill these things by the way?  They cost way too much for me to buy on a regular basis!  I've attempted with little success, so if you have, please leave a comment!!! Muchos Gracious!

Meet Kiley.  She's a girl of all things trendy.  I stole this profile pic of her off of Facebook (calm it, yo, I got permission.  Okay so I guess you don't get permission before you "steal"), and she's sporting a Kammy's Korner Headband!!  So there ya go since  many of you ask if they fit a larger head.  (Kiley, I promise I'm not calling you 'big headed'!)The crochet waffle bands are perfect for babies right on up to Crazy Grandmas! I also made headbands for her cheerleading team when they went to state, but I'm still waiting on a pic from that ordeal!  hint, hint. ;)
I've been having fun with feather froof too!  Changin' it up a little from the flowers.
Click HERE TO VISIT KAMMY'S KORNER ONLINE STORE to check out more options.
Does your baby girl have a set of baby blues?  Then this headband is a must for picture time!!
This is on an alligator clip so you can wear it plain or of course, attach it to a headband.

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