Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pillow Sham Chair Makeover

Be. Fore.  ONE DOLLAR CHAIR!  May I just pat myself on the back over this project for a minute?  Because I kind of feel like this is the FIRST TIME that I reeeeally came up with something completely on my own - using fabric!  I ALWAYS get my ideas from other sources, I'm not as creative as I like everyone to think I am!  But I'm SO EXCITED that I actually came up with this all by my big girl self.  I even used grown up scissors, rather than my four year old's!  Haha.

So remember last week my mom made me a skirt out of pillow shams I bought at Goodwill?  (Click HERE to see it).  Well, naturally, with a motto like "Waste Not, Want Not" I couldn't just throw the scraps away...  I decided they'd make a cool cover for this seat cushion! 

I layered them, and stapled them on the back with one of my favorite tools - the staple gun.  I like guns anyway.  Guns = large biceps, 12 gauges, hot glue guns....... I like guns.

For extra security, I added a little hot glue under the hem of each layer.

Finished product.  Not liking that you can't see the detail real well in this pic... but I have three little hoodlums needing attention, and taking a new pic to download would not be something they would appreciate right now!!  So here 'tis.
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  1. Great job! So happy for your newly found independent creativity ;)

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