Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Have A WINNER!!!! One Cute Girl Just Got Cuter!

I'm SO THRILLED to announce the winner of my GIVEAWAY today!!!!!  And the randomly selected winner from is..........

Kayla!!!  Kayla Darling, you have your choice of ANY hair accessory from Kammy's Online Store!  Happy "Shopping" on me! :)
You can head over to her blog to congratulate her at Breaking Free From Old Ways, but don't send her hatemail just because you didn't win and she did!  What am I SAYING?!!  Of course you wouldn't - you all are a FAN-DOUBLE-TASTIC group of followers!!!  Sheesh, if it wasn't for ya'll, the giveaway wouldn't have been possible!  I hope you continue to follow along - lots of furniture before and afters coming up since it's spring, I have a barn load of "stuff" needing paint and attention, and readers who wanna see it!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!  Uh... can you tell the sun is shining today after a long couple of rainy days?  Just puts me over the top!!!!  Even more so since I woke up from a dream this morning that our house was an island since it had been raining so much....
Miss Maci! Thanks, Stephanie for the picture & being a great customer and for entering!!
Back to the subject at hand:  There will be more giveaways in the future!  PLUS, Why wait for a giveaway??  You can purchase these beautiful hair accessories for super low prices at Kammy's Korner Online Store.  Know why I keep my prices so low?  Because I'm also a woman who likes a deal.  I like to support "handmade" but I also am a thrifty, money-conscientious mama!  So I try to put a minimum price on my items so that we both win.  I make a small amount of profit, but you get a good deal.  I wouldn't buy something if it wasn't a good deal, so I wouldn't expect you to either!
Maci loves Kammy's Kammy's Korner Headbands!

Winners of the last giveaway!!!!  The Wahls girls!!!  Mama, you better barricade the doors - those boys are gonna be hot on their trail!

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