Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before and After Bedroom

Guest room before.  Can you believe EVERY. SINGLE. WALL.  in our house when we bought had this color of paint?  It kind of took on the hue of it's surroundings, in this case, lavender.  Mom found this amazing bed in an antique store for $200 in Iowa, called me up, and I said "BUY IT"!

Too bad the carpet is BLUE!!!  Also, it doesn't really look quiiiiiite like this anymore since the Tybo is in it at the moment... but since the drywall man just left my house for the last time yesterday (victory dance!), his new room is SUPER DUPER close to being filled with little boy toys, muddy socks, and a way cool new bed from Trusty Ole' Craigslist.  I can't wait to blog about what I'm doing in that kiddo's room!!!  Oh and MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO  HOO!!!!!!!  I told her to get up bright and early and put her paint clothes on - we have major things to accomplish this week!


  1. Love it! It looks so warm and inviting now :)

  2. this room calls for some special chandelier lighting

  3. The track lights(modern) and the bed(Ornate old school) are an odd blend. Sometime, way in the future after other projects, lighting more in the style of the bed could happen.

  4. Ya'll are right. That light NEEDS TO GO!!! I'll keep on the look-out. Not my number one priority since it's a guest room but hey, it does look pretty stoooopid! haha! :)


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