Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Pillar's Journey

HEY.  I heard that.  NO LAUGHING.  This is about the pillars, not me.  And yes, I was a kid when I got married.  Just to answer the question before you even ask! :)  I had several different sizes of these white pillars at my wedding.  I think they started out in a Hobby Lobby Store.  I'm not sure what ever happened to one of the small ones pictured, but the next size up, wound their way into my home and served for quite some time as this little decorative piece in my living room.  They got a marbled look with some gold, and were downright pretty.... for a few years........

Then one day, my brutally honest friend Maran (everyone needs someone like this in their lives!) mentioned to me that she was surprised I kept those pillars in my house - when the rest of my house was.... well.... just not in keeping with that whole arrangement!  You're very right, dear.  I think I was holding on to them, like I was trying to hold on to my youth... the young carefree days of newly married life - when there was no lawn to mow (hello apartment life),  a tenth of the laundry load, and dial up internet.

My mom had just been WAITING for the word.  In fact, I think the day I told her I was done with the pillars, she hopped in her car and drove the seven  hours to rescue them!  Yeah, she's like that.  Psychoooooo..... (but that's why we love her!).  Faster than I could kick you in the shin, she had them painted black and in her living room to serve as her new end tables.  Not bad, Mama.  Glad their journey is continuing...  where to next?      

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