Friday, June 10, 2011

Hand Painted Lamp Redo

Marie asked me if I wanted a pair of white lamps.  Why but of course! :)  I laid them in the back of my van... and only one survived.  I swear, I didn't single-wheel it around any corners or slam brakes.  I think I might have sneezed though.  Yup, that musta done it.  So I only had one to purdy up.

I got a free sample of sky blue Valspar in the mail (did you get your free sample?  Pays to check regularly, ya know!!) and painted this about a month ago.  I decided today it was just way too boring to ever do a post about.  So while I was "ab circle pro-ing" it down in the basement while my kids fixed me chocolate covered plastic carrots to keep me going, I got a brainstorm.  I ran upstairs,  and grabbed a stencil, brush, and a bottle of brown acrylic.  Uh, yeah right.  It was impossible to stencil over all those ridges.  So I looked at it and free-handed it.  Now I'm a pathetic free-hander.  I'm just not steady enough.  So imagine my exasperation when my sweet little girl toddles over and swipes her precious pudgy little hand across my paint job!  ahhhhhh!  I hollered.  Probably a little too loud.  She cried.  But she wasn't intentionally being naughty and I felt bad and smothered her with kisses.... then repainted it.  I can't find the right lampshade.  Everything I have in stock just doesn't seem right.  There is however, that one that I've been attempting to recover that would work...  and all three kiddos are napping.... maybe it will show up soon on a post?  I doubt it. :)

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  1. You've done a terrific job with the freehand! It looks lovely :)

  2. You did a great job! It looks wonderful and the pattern is the perfect touch.


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