Thursday, June 9, 2011

I heart Harlequin: Table - Before and After

Before: I didn't even find this great table.  My neighbor did for me - $5 if my mommy-brain remembers right!  I know you're wishing you had awesome neighbors like I do.  Well you can, just move to Erie Road like I did!

I painted the whole table with a light green color.  So light green that you can't even tell it's green!  Oh, and I got the paint free - I have my sources.... :)  I used a light gray that was leftover from my ceilings in our addition for the harlequin stencil.  I found this big stencil on clearance at Hobby Lobby and ohhhhh is it so much easier with a stencil!!!!!  Have you ever tried to do something like this without a stencil?  I'm extremely, over-the-top, need your autograph, impressed with you if you've managed to pull it off.  I've tried.  Tried.

After! :)  Beware.  I love this and you may get bored seeing this on future projects!!  I did this yesterday and kept my roller in a plastic baggy.  So today I headed out to the barn and surveyed the goods to see what else would look good with this design.  I found something... so be watching for that soon as it is awaiting it's 2nd coat right now!  Just gotta get kids down for naps.....

Not sure if it shows up real well in the picture (hey, I was going for subtle so that must mean I succeeded!) but I rubbed small amounts of the gray on with my fingers on the edges and around the corners to give it an aged look.  Stay tuned for the next Harlequin design!  p.s. I probably wouldn't have known that was called harlequin - it was on the stencil!  And you thought I was good with design terms...  nope!
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  1. Very cool!!! "Harlequin" is new to me! Is it different than argyle? So now... is this very cool table for sale? If so, how much?

  2. Thanks! hmmmm different than argyle... don't ask me such hard questions. haha. I always thought argle had the dashes through it, no? And of course it is for sale like most things I do that I can't find a spot for in my house! $30 is the price tag.

  3. So pretty! I'm about to do my first "patterned top" table and wouldn't dare attempt it without a stencil...especially not on the first try! :) Your table looks the subtle design. XO

  4. As always, Kammy, great job! Thank you so much for linking up! Don't forget the 500 follower giveaway starts this Tuesday. You were "Little Miss Lucky" on the first one and you'll really like this one! I hope you win, but that's just our secret!

  5. hi Kammy, this is great, I have actually done several harlqeuin pieces of furniutre and always do it by hand. I just draw on with a ruler and then hand paint with a small paint brush.
    and 2 coffee tables like this
    although you've got the stencil now so you don't need to do it free hand.
    cheers Fiona


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