Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Senior Pics On Erie Road

I am NOT a photographer.  But..... I know a few of the basics...  and I found a new love for outdoor portraits when a friend came to me asking if I would do her senior pictures.  I'd never done them before, so I wasn't making any promises on how they'd turn out!  But we sure have a kazillion great spots for a darn good back drop and I wanted to try.  (You can see how my first session went with Britteny HERE.).  So when Ty'eshia told me she needed some senior pictures for her open house coming up very soon, I readily agreed!  We took them last night and I've been working on them ALL MORNING, and I think I'm finally done editing!  Here's a peak at some of my favorites! 

We have an old stone wall out by the barn that I just love!

In the doorway of our chicken house.

Stonewall again.

Against the wall in Ty's new bedroom!
In the corn crib.

And last but not least, on one of the few patches of grass left in my yard!!

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