Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Non-Bodacious Headbands and Froofy Feathers

This little beauty wanted some headbands.  But Daddy wasn't into the big bodacious ones that I generally make... so I tried my best to make some petite and dainty ones to compliment his petite, precious little darling.  Ohhhh, Felicity is a SWEETIE!!!!  With or without her headbands, she is 100% beautiful.  Here are a few headbands and hair clips that I added to Kammy's Korner Store today:

The beads that make up the center are from a gaudy necklace that fell apart.  Repurpose.  ALWAYS REPURPOSE!!

The nice thing about clips is that if your baby doesn't have hair, you can clip them onto a headband, and change your look up!  (And yes, that's my little munchkin modeling.  I have to claim that little doll!!)
Let me know if you want different colored feathers (on alligator clips) and I might be able to accommodate!
Be sure to make a purchase at Kammy's Korner Store today!  I can refund the shipping money if you're local or will be seeing me in Iowa (July) for a hand delivered package. Just let me know.

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