Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bored with my Bag

I got this purse at the Netti's garage sale. Marg wanted something of mine, so we just did an even trade.   It's exactly what I like on the inside.  Three big compartments - One for me, one for kids, and one for diapers.  But it really lacked in the fashion department.  Not that I've been caring much these days, I'm just another mom with a big bag!

Today I decided I'd seen enough purse makeovers on the blogosphere, it was time to do one myself.  I grabbed the big knife I was using to chop rhubarb for some jam I was making (yes, I have ADD, I'm in the middle of making jam when I suddenly decide it's time to do a purse makeover!), and punctured a hole in the side of the purse.  I made sure not to go through the lining.
Probably like 10 years ago, I had gotten this HUMONGO flower and spray painted it brown to go on a hat.  It never looked right and I yanked it off, sold the hat, and have that flower stashed in my box of scarves and what-nots for ever.  I pulled the middle out of it, and stuck the end into the punctured hole.  Secured with a massive glob of hot glue at the puncture wound opening and under some of the petals.  Hmmmm..... now I need just the perfect embellishment for the middle.
Whatever would I do without my old lady clip on earrings?!!!!  They pop up everywhere on this blog, don't they.  I pryed the back off, and hot glued it into the middle of the flower.

Snazzy.  I like it.  Way to go garage sale purses!  Thanks, Marg!  Hope you don't want it back... :)
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  1. that is super cute!!! i LOVE big flowers!!

  2. What a great idea!! I have alot of bags that could use this cute makeover :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses


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