Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rawrrrrrrr! Eat Some Dino Cake!

My hubby said I couldn't do it.  Just do something easy, who cares?  You can't do that.  Well that clinched it of course, I was going to do it.  I was going to make a 3D dinosaur birthday cake for my boys' birthday party. I'm not a cake decorator.  At all. It makes me nervous. I googled in "dinosaur cake" and found a picture of how someone had cut the pieces and arranged them so I printed it out to use for an idea.  I baked two round cakes.

Here's a great tip: use dental floss to slice the top off flat!

I sliced one circle right down the middle and stood them up next to each other to use for the body.  Then cut out the rest of the body parts.  The extra pieces got tossed to my kids who were standing around me like ravening wolves smelling blood.
The "spikes" going down his body are chocolate graham crackers, and I just mixed a little cocoa in with the remaining frosting, put it in a plastic baggy with the corner clipped and wrote the words. I also edged the graham crackers with the chocolate frosting to give them a more finished look.
Five years old going on 15 and 3 years old who can't remember if he's 2 or 7.

A little post party fun with Mommy........ :)

We are getting CLOSER to giving away the Applebee's gift card!  29 more people to "like" Kammy's Korner on Facebook and we can have that drawing!  Tell your friends! :) 


  1. Awesome cake Kams, looks great, bet the boys were thrilled:)

  2. Thanks, Shelley! I think they were thrilled... but kids just expect parents to make awesome things like difficult cakes and so I think I was more thrilled that it actually somewhat turned out than they were about how cool it was! haha

  3. Good job. I remember making an elephant cake for my son's first birthday out cut up pieces of cake. I have never heard him mention elephants since!

  4. Cute cake Kammy...Happy Birthday boys!


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