Monday, June 6, 2011

Upcycled Plastic Water Tank

When I was a kid, a little Iowa farm kid, my dad made us a swimming pool using one of these big plastic tanks.  It provided lots of fun until one day we went fishing (as far as I can recall it was the only time my non-fishing dad took us fishing) and we caught a slew of bull fish.  (Pretty sure that's not their scientific name).  I just remember being excited because I thought they were catfish with those long whiskers but quite disappointed when I learned they were scummy fish.  We threw them all in the swimming pool and it turned into a slimey, dirty, non-swimmable plastic pond.  Hmph.  But I love what the Groothuis's did with there's!  My four year old spent a week out in Iowa with Grandma last month and he went to visit the Groothuis farm.  He had so much fun - there is nothing like life in the country!!  When looking through the photos of his trip, I came across this and thought "HOW CREATIVE!!"  and just had to share with my blog readers!
They cut an end off the water tank, and flipped it over, and made a doorway.  What a fun little playhouse - without spending a dime!!  I'm ALL about FREE!! :)  And is that a chimney I see peeking up in the back?
This picture above was the highlight of Tobin's trip.  Maciah picked up a chicken and the wings started flapping him in the face and it really got to Tobin's tickle bone because he went into a fit of laughter on the phone telling me all about it, and when he got home days later, he was still laughing about it!                                                                                                                                                                             Now, I'm an old fashioned sort of girl and so I was thrilled when the farm wife of this kid-friendly place wanted to "buy" something from me and instead of paying with money she gave me two chickens!  If we could go back to the days of bartering, that would be just fine with me.  They weren't alive however, as they may have had a difficult time traveling to MI, and I'm looking forward to a tasty chicken dinner!  If you live out in the Waterloo, Iowa area, be sure to buy your fresh eggs from her, as well as chicken, lambs....  not sure what else she has!  Contact me if you want her info and I'll pass it right along!

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  1. Oh that is too preious! I want one... and I live in the city, and have no kids... but I just want one!


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