Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Nightstand Before and After

I think my mother in law has gotten the redecorating bug which is always exciting to me when people getting bitten because sometimes I get to benefit!  In this instance, it was a free nightstand that she didn't want anymore!

I used a stencil for the design on top (which my hubby wrinkled his nose up at, but hey, it's not for his kleenex box, so it doesn't matter what he thinks, right?) using silver glaze.

The handles got a few shots of silver rustoleum spray paint, and I put a couple coats of polyurethane on the top for protection.  And it's a whole new mod job! :)


  1. For some reason the stenciling reminds me of tire tread, which would make this so fun in a little boys space. Crafting for boys is so hard sometimes! I love it though. As always a great job!

  2. I think the stencil looks great, men don't always 'get' it :)


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