Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not Your Grandma's Cloth Diapers

Wham.  The first picture that hits you about cloth diapers is this crazy animal print!  I TOLD ya, they weren't your grandma's cloth diapers!  Or your mom's for that matter.  I'm sure she used pampers anyway.  But if you complain about the cost of diapers, complain no longer.  My big regret is that I didn't use them with my first two kids!  Now, I'm not a die-hard.  I always have a box of disposables on hand.  In fact, we generally only use cloth diapers when we are at home.  Who wants to stick that big thing in your purse when it's full?  Yeah, not this Mama!  I actually got into these because my friend Brook was using them (for her babies, not herself!  duh...) and I thought good for you, but those aren't for me!  Then she let me take a few home to try them out just to see if I liked them.  Welp, that was it - I was sold!  So here are the facts as I know them:

They're cute but expensive.  UNLESS, like me, you buy them for $5 each on Ebay.  What did I all get for $5?  Well, for one that included the shipping!!!!  Woot woot.  It also gave me two nappy inserts with the cute, colorful one-size-fits-all diaper.  They have lots of snaps to adjust the size.  Now a box of diapers, as you well know, costs around $20.  I got five of these reusable, washable diapers for $20.  And that's all the cloth diapers I have - five!  I put them on my baby during the day, and when they're all dirty, throw them in the washing machine, set the load to "small" and put a very small amount of All Free/Clear detergent in them.  (Not supposed to use bleach or soap with scent/dye).  Then you hang them to dry!  I try to hang them out in the sun as much as possible because the sun naturally disinfects and bleaches.  So while they are in the wash, she usually where's a Parent's Choice diaper. :)  I can't BELIEVE our savings!!!

There is an opening at the bottom where you slide in the insert.  I always double up and use two inserts, otherwise they fill too quickly!

They're super cute and she doesn't look like a white trash baby crawling around in her white disposable when it's hot!  haha!  The brand Tori is wearing are Sunny Baby.

And another huge benefit?  They can get wet during water play outside... and they don't explode with little silicone crystals all over the place!!!
Let me know if I've persuaded you to make the switch!!!  I think you'll be glad you did. :)


  1. Thanks, Kammy, I think I'm sold on the idea!

  2. I think we are going to try them Kam! Ryan is even interested!!!


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