Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Strapless Dress Fashion

Fashion?  Psh.  What do I know about fashion?  Here's one thing I do know - skinny jeans are IN and I look like a woman who birthed a dozen kids in them.  Uh, I just reread that, and that came out sounding way wrong.  You know what I meant.  I think. Okay, can we get on with this post?  Can you tell talking about fashion makes me nervous?  So I found this A.Dor.Able strapless dress at a garage sale.  Yes, more than likely if it didn't come from a 90% off clearance rack and I'm wearing it, then it came from a garage sale.  The dress had a fun print, but most importantly had pockets and looked like it would hide lots of bodily imperfections!  Baggy hides a multitude of sins!!  However, wearing it for my boy's birthday party seemed like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.  And it was hot.  I had nothing to wear over top.  So I put a ribbed tank underneath,  strapped a vintage goodwill belt around it, and it had a whole new modest, comfortable, and "wardrobe malfunction free" dress!  Most of us have one (or five, since they go on sale for about $2 at the end of every summer and we can't resist the good deal) in the closet - pull it out and give it a new look!  It will be the perfect look for your date to McDonald's tonight.
So I realize a turquoise tank would have looked much better.  And I had one on at first.  But the neck line went lower than the dress, and it just twasn't right.

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  1. You're looking good. I like modest! And the belt just makes the outfit.


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