Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A wall, A Stick, And Some Burlap

There are many friends of mine who need their own blog, but since they don't I am compelled to share their creativeness with you on mine. Maran is one of these friends.  She's so crafty, and everything she touches seems to turn to gold.  I loved this wall hanging she did in her bedroom.  She emailed me the pictures and gave me permission to post them!
Just ask her how long she kept it up though - I think it lasted about a week. I guess she didn't think it matched what else she had goin' on in her bedroom.  It's okay, Maran.  You're allowed to remove awesome wall decor.  Even though this was a SWEET idea!  I say it'd be extra swell in a boy's room!!


  1. Crystal ChristophersonJuly 20, 2011 at 4:51 PM

    The pictures don't actually do it justice. It was a really cool idea and look great up on the wall. It just looked REALLY "rustic" in her otherwise "not rustic" bedroom.

  2. Why thanks Crystal :) And for anyone who is interested, I have about 15 more of those coffee burlap sacks in my basement so if you want 'em, one or all could be yours! :) ((For a very small fee, of course. After all, I DID pay for 'em)


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