Friday, August 5, 2011

Goodwill Kitchen Chairs Get Cute AND Kid Friendly

I had been haunting resale shops specifically for black kitchen chairs.  Then one day, I found SEVEN black chairs in our local Goodwill.  $20 for all of them.  Wahoo!  They were even from Pier 1 Imports.  But fabric seats didn't look nice after only a few weeks with my kids spilling, goobering, and who knows what else, on them. 

While I was in Hancocks last week out in Iowa with my mom, I found the perfect fabric for them (refer to pic #4).  Here is my pal, Jill, screwing off all the seat cushions so we can do this project before our company comes for supper in less than an hour!  I promise I don't make everyone work for me when they come to visit!  Just the ones named Jill.  And Mom.
After Jill got the seats off, I laid them on the fabric and cut around each one, then stapled them on tight.  Jill screwed them back on.  She's good with a screwdriver.

You can hardly tell it, but the fabric is actually plastic, like the stuff you use for picnic table clothes.  IT has the soft fuzzy underside, but is plastic on top for easy cleaning.  I'm so excited!!  The thought of going with a vinyl was just not sitting well with me, but you can hardly tell with this black and white damask!

At just $5.99 a yard, and using only 2 yards, the fabric was $12 and the chairs were $20, bringing the complete total for seven kitchen chairs to be $32!!!

And when Ty dripped ice-cream all over the seat last night, it wasn't such a big deal.  And he was glad I didn't feel the need to holler. :)


  1. Great idea! Cute and functional!

  2. <3 them. Such a great idea. I am a new follower. :)
    Feel free to follow me as well.

  3. Love them. They absolutely do not look like plasticy fabric.

  4. Absolutely amazing! They don't even look like the same chairs!

    I'm your newest follower.

  5. those look awesome- again love the fabric! and would it be weird to comment i wish my legs looked nice and tan and slim like yours! :)

  6. Wonderful post and tutorial! I shared this on Pinterest because I have been looking for a good example of vinyl seat covers for my kitchen chairs (fabric looks terrible after being used by a 1 year old and 3 year old. Beautiful job!

    Thanks for sharing this! Evelyn/ Atlanta :)


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