Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bathroom Makeover On A Dime

Before: The bright and cheery had to go.  Not because I was over and done with it since I hardly ever go in there (and hardly anyone uses this third extra bathroom upstairs anyway, except my five year old's occassional middle-of-the-night potty breaks), but because instead of the nice long window that had been over there on the left that allowed the bright morning sun to shine in, it was a big fresh hunk of drywall, nicely mudded/sanded/primed and ready for the rest of the walls to join him with a new color.  Even though our addition has been done for a few months, I still have so many other little things to "fix".  I'm so happy to have this bathroom checked off the "to-do" list!

Remember what you're seeing here.
The wood cabinet with the boring drawer pulls, the white towel ring...

My Dad came to stay with us.  I figured if I drew a picture, he wouldn't notice the mirror was missing. (Those are nose hairs, in case you were wondering if my dad grew a mustache.)  Forgot to take the before pic with the mirror up.  We took it down in a hurry to sell on our garage sale!  But it was just one of those boring wood framed, tri-fold, mirrored medicine cabinets.

I had picked this up at least 3 years ago at a garage sale for $2!!!  It had collected a lot of cobwebs out in my chicken house those last few years!!  Hold your breath, I'm not letting you see the after quite yet....  haha

Saw this at a garage sale this summer for $1 and figured it'd probably go with what I would eventually do...  so glad I grabbed it!!

Now for the part where you wonder if you should just go for easy over the wow-factor.  Nope, it's going to be on the blog!  Gotta make it special.  Horizontal stripes it is.  To do this, ditch the measuring tapes and rulers and use a level.  I did my stripes 16 inches apart.  For the most part.  These houses from the 1800's weren't built straight, yo.

Using the level, put it on your 16 inch mark, get that little bubble centered, and draw your line.  Then put  that wonderful, famous blue painters tape around..... and do your lighter color first, as it's harder to cover up dark paint.

Painted the cabinet some weird white I had.  I mixed a few other light colors in with it, but the bathroom is kinda dark and you can't tell.  Notice the drawer handle/pulls.  I was rummaging around in my chicken house to see what I could see and came upon that fancy old handle.  I LOVE IT!  On it went.  I think it came off an old end table I bought years ago.  It pays to be a hoarder.  Then I just painted the other knobs and the hinges black.  The mirror got painted turquoise and I covered it with silver glaze.

Yes, Angelina, I really do reuse my painters tape.

That ceiling is a very. high. cathedral ceiling.  I managed.  Just barely.  Stretched as far as I could go, with a  long paint brush.... uuuuuuugh... reeeeeeeeeach.......balance.......


Entire cost of project:
orange paint: Free - Mixed what I already had
white paint:  $20 but lots left for other stuff
drawer pulls: already had
towel ring: $1
mirror/medicine cabinet: $2
Towel hooks: already had
new turquoise rug purchased after pics took: $5 at Big Lots

Grand Total: $28

Oh yes.  Please weigh in.  My friend Debra says my light over  the mirror needs to go.  I don't think it's that hideous... what say you??  I would like to know.  But only if you side with me, cuz I don't want to go searching for a new one.  haha.

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  1. I love what you did to the bathroom. What a WOW!!!!! Only thing that I would change....hmmmm, keep looking at the rummage sales, and you will find the perfect lighting for your bathroom. hehe...

    Seriously, it beautiful.

    Esther Byler

  2. I LOVE IT, Kam!!! That looks amazing.

  3. I love the stripes and the color! I don't think the light is bad, I would keep it!

  4. Oh, my goodness. I just LOVE the stripes. That is gorgeous.

  5. you need a hanging chandelier over the sink:) like the stripes but methinks you used mistints?!

  6. Awesome update! I'll be honest, I think another light would look much better, but it's just my two cents worth! :)


  7. I LOVE it, changing the light just adds more money to your cheap project, if you get another (even for a deal) then you cannot say you did it for under $30, just MY two cents, but I don't think the light is THAT bad:):) Love the stripes!!!

  8. I wonder if you could do something to the add little shades made out of something metal and painted black like the handles on the vanity??

  9. Holy smokes,this is high class design on a dime!

  10. I love the stripes! I'm glad you survived the high painting!


  11. Am I the only one who thinks this is hideous?! Seriously! Bad before and after.


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