Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nursery Wall Decor

Okay, I'm trying to redeem myself after yesterday's awful leaf mirror!!  Haha!  BUT just to show you that this leaf thing I got goin' on CAN be cool, I did this one.  The mirror was a flop.  I admit.  Bad.  However, with some spray paint, a print out, and cute 3D owl sticker....  It can all go right!
After hot gluing all the artificial leaves around the wood 8x10 frame, I spray painted it all light pink.
Then typed out a little saying on Microsoft Word and printed it, adding a cute 3D owl sticker and put the glass on.  Wa la!  See, you don't have to necessarily love the project, but you CAN get inspired by it (as Jenna did when she also so my ugly mirror from yesterday!  haha!)  Click HERE to see yesterday's flop.
This will be for sale at my craft booth this Saturday at the Tompkin's Center Freedom Festival.  You don't want to  miss this!  Civil War encampment, tractor show, old cars, flea market, bake sale, and more!!!  Over 2,000 attendees last year!
Well, what do you think??  Let me know if I've redeemed myself!  :)  And I promise.  No more ugly mirrors.  Well, at least for awhile..... 

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  1. I love it! Very creative, I've never seen wall art made with artificial leaves, very brilliant!


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