Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Kammy does with an artificial rose bush

The first thing I thought when I saw this rose bush at a garage sale?  "Those are the perfect roses for hair accessories!!!"  It was only 50 cents and I got a mother load of beautiful roses off the bush.

Here's one simple headband I made with one of these "flowers of love".   (Purchase these headbands  HERE)

After I pulled all the roses off, I was going to toss the basket and greenery on the burn pile when.... I started thinking about what a waste it would be to just trash all those nice leaves...  ahhhhhh I can be such a hoarder!!!!  Anyways, I snipped them all off with a scissors and stuffed them in a baggy then I got the idea for gluing them around a mirror.  Now tell me, is this just CHEESY????  Cuz I'mmmmm not sure.  I guess we'll see since I'm planning on bringing a couple of them to my craft booth at the Tompkins Center Freedom Festival Saturday.  I used jute twine to hang the mirror from.

Then I hot glued some around a frame and spray painted them black.  Kinda liked that effect!  Better than leaving them green, in my big fat opinion!  Next I think I'll do some pink, red, turquoise...........

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  1. I don't know about the mirror, but what if instead of putting the leaves pointing outward on all sides, you point them in a certain direction. Kind of like having them pointing to the left in one direction, or the right? I think it would look super cute that way. But thanks for the inspiration. =]


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