Saturday, October 29, 2011

On a bed, in your hair

We don't really get into Halloween much.  Death and scariness.... something to celebrate?  Eh, whatever, I'll let my son dress up and march around with his class on Monday and eat some candy, but that's about as far as we go with it.  So I kind of even surprised myself when I decided to make an orange and black headband for the "holiday".
This is my new little model, Bella, who must not be much into Halloween either, since she yanked it off her head faster than I could say cheese! 
 So along the way in my thrifty crafting experience, I've learned that you can't look at things for what they are but what they can be.  Take this bed skirt:
No bed in my house needs a black and white polka dotted bedskirt.  But that doesn't mean I can't use the fabric elsewhere.    Hey if it's free, you could even use it for toilet paper! Just skidding.  Now that I've gotten a little paranoid about bedbugs though since I keep reading articles about them, I've been a little cautious...  so when I got this home from a garage sale it went straight into the wash, hot water and lots of soap, and then into the hot dryer.  No takin' chances.  
I cut off a part of the ruffle and the sewed it into a little circle.  Yes, I could handle that.  I can't handle much more than a straight seam.
It kinda looked like a doll skirt.  Probably should have used it for that since the only doll that lives in this house never seems to have any clothes on!  
Then I cut these awesome bright hairy strips of fabric my MIL bought for me into three circles and scrunched up the middle and sewed a seam across it.
Hot glued it all together, and wa la!  A Halloween Fall Festival Headband.
I also did some fall colored headbands.  They are for sale for $5 each at the awesome new little store in town - Fabulous Darling (Brooklyn, MI).  If you live in the area, you should definitely check it out!!  There are all kinds of neat treasures!

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  1. Those are so darling. I wish that they would have had things like this when my oldest daughters were babies. My granddaughters never enjoyed having anything on their heads. I have loved browsing through your blog. I would love to follow you through email. Do you have a way that I can do that? I did not notice anthing on your blog?

  2. Love this!! I dont celebrate Halloween either but this headband is so cute!!
    Ive been following you 4 awhile now and <3 your blog! I have just started blogging myself! Feel free 2 bcome a follower if u like what u see xxxx

  3. Kammy - such a cute headband on such an adorable cutie-pie! Love your blog - so funny!


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