Monday, November 14, 2011

Panera Bread WINNER and is my camera salvageable?!!!

First the good news:  We have a winner for the Panera Bread Gift Card!!!!  Many, many thanks to all of my faithful followers who entered this giveaway!  I'm humbled that you like to hang out with me on Kammy's Korner and I would hug you all if I could!!!!  So are you ready??  Our winner is........

Heidi Dickenson.
Heidi, please send me your mailing address within three days so I can get your prize 
mailed off so you can enjoy some Panera yumminess. :)

On to the BAD NEWS.  I have exactly 5 hours and 14 minutes until my hubby comes home.  And then I have to tell him what happened to the new camera he bought only a couple months ago.  Oh someone out there please help me quick!  Somehow my camera managed to land in a gallon of white paint.  Totally, completely submerged.  I only saw it because the black strap was sticking out!  In order to get paint off, you gotta get it wet.  I was as careful as I could in my panicky state of mind and when I reinserted the battery, nothing.  No signs of life.  This has helped my phone when I've dropped it in water before, so here's what my camera and the battery look like at the moment:  
Do I need to give it up as lost and get my hubby speech ready? Or does anyone one there have any ideas to give this poor, sad girl some hope?!!!!


  1. Keep it in the rice a few days.....I have a friend who swears by this (she has saved many a submerged phones this way...) I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
    By the way if you seal the camera up in a air-tight bag with the rice I think it's supposed to work better.

  2. I think I would throw it in the trash and pretend someone stole it! LOL. No really I hope this works, it did for my cell phone anyway-it took several days though.


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