Thursday, November 3, 2011

Throw Pillow + 400 follower Panera GIVEAWAY!!!

Who wants some FREE Panera?!  I'm celebrating reaching 400 followers!!!!  See how you can enter at the bottom of this post, yes Sir!
It's a perfectly fine throw pillow.  A cheapy from Wal Mart.  But it had some stains on one corner.  Could it be because my kids think the only reason we have them is for them to sit on and pull each other around the house on our slippery floors? And for pillow fights?  And to assist in fort building?  Obviously, they can't be for decoration. I must put the pillows back in their designated places at least fifty two times a day. Probably more like fifty six.
So there it is, in all it's boring glory, with black spots and marks, probably from the permanent marker Ty decided was  one of his "tools". Everything ends up as one of his "tools" and gets lost in one of his five "tool boxes".
I made some rolled flowers with some scraps of fabric and hot glued them right over the top the stained corner.  Much faster and easier for this ADD chic than sewing.
How to make fabric rolled flowers: cut a loooooong strip of fabric.  Tie a knot in the middle.  Twist the two long pieces (there are two tails now since tying the knot) together and coil round and round the knot!  Hot glue that baby down.

Giveaway Time!!!

And now I'm doing my wild happy dance because I never thought I'd see the day Kammy's Korner reached 400 followers!  Seriously, I thought I was really getting somewhere when I had 37!!!  I think I even called my mom to exclaim the thrilling news.  Thirty seven followers, mom?!  Can you believe it???  Anyways, to "Ceeeeeelebrate good times, COME ON" let's have a giveaway!  I took a mini poll on Kammy's Korner Facebook page and it seems the peeps would like a shot at winning a Panera Bread gift card!  So, how about it?  Who's up for $15 at Panera?  Mmmmm cheese and broccoli soup, si por favor!!!!  Since this is a follower giveaway, you must be a GFC follower of this blog.  If you're not, click "join this site" on the right sidebar and add your little thumbnail pic to the collage of beautiful faces.  :) (sometimes blogger is a pain in the patooie and it doesn't show up, just reload the page and cross your fingers and it will probably magically appear.)


  1. OK, so here is my question, will the flowers stay put w/ the hot glue? Especially w/ the little ones messing w/ the pillow all the time. It is ADORABLE and I LOVE it, just wonder if it will last!

  2. You just try to rip that off, girl! When it's fabric on fabric, there is no getting it apart. Didn't you read about my "bag gone wrong"? HAHA!! And THANKS for the sweet comment!!!!

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  4. Hi Kammy,
    Did you get my card order a few days ago?
    Denise Akkerman


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